Friday, April 15, 2011

Advisory Bored Reading List 04/15/2011

  • Truly a sad commentary.  The only state education institution that didn't participate in the University Center is the one that will be allowed to run it in the future.

    My favorite quote was "providing new approaches to old problems". Honestly, this providing old approaches to new problems.  But hey, it's only money.  We got plenty of it for post-secondary education.  Sigh ........  

  • Danny Westneat doesn't pull any punch in this article about the UW's decision to enroll more out-of-state students. In his opinion, the UW is doing exactly what we asked them to do - to get by with less and less money.

    "Sheesh, we weren't even willing to go along with a temporary, 2-cents-per-can tax on soda pop last year. Now we're going to get all indignant when the UW looks to the other 49 states because we're too cheap?"

    As Westneat points out, the funding is only going to get worse. The state paid 70% - 80% for the cost for me to attend the UW back in the ... well just you never mind. It's fallen to 45% today and heading south.

    Westneat thinks we need to fund education as we had in the past, but I have to wonder if that's possible. It's a lot easier to subsidize 80% of a student's tuition if only 10% of graduating high school seniors go on to college. In a world where k-16 is almost mandatory of the "best paying" jobs, well that's a lot of money.

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