Monday, November 26, 2007

The Advisory Blog

Six years ago my wife Eva left the world of IS management to teach IS at a local community college. She asked a number of highly skilled IS professionals that she greatly respected to join the advisory board. She also asked me. ;-)

Over the last couple of years I have come to serve on two additional business/technology advisory boards at local high schools here in south Snohomish county (Washington). I've enjoyed the experience (contrary to the blog's title) and hopefully I have added some value to the staff by providing them the information they need to make their programs relevant to students and potential employers.

Still, I often feel that I didn't provide much useful information. Sometimes it is difficult to provide a well reasoned response on the spur of the moment. Other times what I had on mind isn't what staff is looking to discuss (it is, after all, about what they need to know not what I need to say). Group dynamics can play another role (time limitations, group size, group familiarity).

I considered using email, but that presumes my ramblings are of interest to everyone (anyone?). I'm hoping this blog provides a better forum for thoughts, opinions and resources to those who are interested, when they are interested. It wouldn't hurt if my fellow board members or other local IS/IT professionals throw their two cents into the discussion. So I have four goals for the blog:
  • aggregate links, comments and opinions about the corporate information systems profession, the job market and the requirements for students looking to become corporate IS professionals
  • present information regarding new, emerging jobs or professions in information and information technology
  • advocate for more computer and information literacy, and analytical skills for all students, regardless of their area of study
  • interest other IS professionals in Snohomish county to participate on local school advisory boards
This blog is primarily intended for the instructors, staff and fellow advisory board members where I currently serve, but I welcome the participation of educational staff from other Snohomish county schools and local IS professionals.