Saturday, April 9, 2011

Advisory Bored Reading List 04/03/2011

  • Salman Kahn was a hedge fund analyst who recorded some videos to help him tutor his cousins.  The videos were open to all, the visitors found their way to the videos.  From that the Kahn Academy has grown hundreds (probably thousands) of videos.

    In this TED talk Kahn explains the power of using video in the class room and how it can reshape education.
  • Ignore the headline and read the article.  After you get past the straight-A kids be left out of the UW and the increase of out-of-state students, the article gets down to some useful information about how funding of our post-secondary education.

    One closing thought.  At the end of the article Rep. Carlyle is quoted about qualified kids not getting into the UW.  This requires some careful consideration.  At some point, an elite public school is going to reject the good kids of tax paying parents. Expectations that everyone can go to the UW are just unrealistic and our government leaders shouldn't encourage that thinking.
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