Monday, April 21, 2008

College Bound Scholarship due June 1

June 1st is the deadline for 8th graders to sign-up for Washington State's College Bound scholarship program. If you aren't working with 7th and 8th graders yourself, I am hoping you will pass this on to those in your district who are. The details are at the HEC board site, but here's the overview:

This four-year scholarship covers the cost of college tuition, fees and books for low-income students who sign a pledge in 7th or 8th grade promising to graduate from high school and to demonstrate good citizenship. This program provides hope and incentive for students and families who otherwise might not consider college as an option because of its cost.
I've said it before and I'll say it again: how is this not a good thing? Oh, I'm sure there is some fine print, but it really addresses the need to keep kids engaged and to give them a different vision for their future. If we want more college graduates and more high-skilled non-college workers, then they are going to have to come from the ranks of those now falling through the cracks.

I want to thank Kelly at Rep. Liz Loomis' (D-44th) for this information. I posted an entry on my No Sno U blog Saturday that was appreciative of Rep. Loomis' work to support high-school graduation and non-college bound training like apprenticeships. As in the past, I heard right back from her or her office (who says good manners are a thing of the past) asking that I share this with the Advisory Bored readers.

Okay people, let's see if we can't get the word out on this one.

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