Saturday, April 5, 2008

AITP Collegiate Conference wrap-up

The Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) sponsors a collegiate conference every year, hosting students from around the country. Eva provides a summary at The Certify-Able Data Professional blog here. The AITP student chapter at Edmonds CC isn't active, but rumor has it that there is interest in bringing it back and I think its a great idea. As Eva notes

"Professional associations and these kinds of conferences are wonderful collaborations between colleges and businesses. They create a sense of community for students, connect them with each other and with hiring businesses, and inspire professional pride and enthusiasm. "

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Last Great Road Trip said...

Great tool set and now for the class room assignment that I think should be mandatory.

Create a one page sight on anything you want at Setup Google analytics.

Now see who can drive the most traffic to their site. Most in any one day, over a week, all time.

You'll watch traffic grow if you:

Create a video with your URL in the credits and put it on YouTube,,, and a dozen or so others. Create a facebook and Myspace page then link back to your squidoo page. Create a blogspot and add your squidoo page to the blog roll. Create a couple there free.

Link to your squidoo with your Twitter URL and add your squidoo to all the usual on-line Bookmarks,,,,

Now call, email, txt or twitter all your friends and ask them to do the same for your page.

Create a few press releases at announcing your site to the traditional media. All free and only costing you time.

Now find out using your Google analytics where the most traffic came from and which of the various activities drove the most to your page.

In the end the lesson is: You need to understand how traffic comes through relationships with different technologies linked together. Also understand that there is a lot of noise on the Internet. Breaking through the noise is a little luck, a little cool factor and a lot of hard work. An entire job category, SEO, is building up around the skills you just developed.