Sunday, May 11, 2008

Drum (blog)roll please .....

and the winners are Andy, Liz and Tom.

The blogroll over on the right-hand column is a listing of my favorite blogs built dynamically from my feedreader account, Bloglines. Actually, the list is of my top tier blogs, the ones I'm actively reading on a regular basis. I also have a category for blogs that I am reviewing and considering for top tier status, which I hid from the blogroll. This is my minor leagues and there is a good chance you won't notice when one gets called up to the big leagues. Over the last couple of weeks I've added three blogs that I would like to highlight:
  1. Andy's Teaching and Learning Blog comes to us from an accounting instructor at Edmonds CC. Andy posts links and resources with little additional commentary, unlike many bloggers. As you approach the end of the school year I would highly recommend you review his recommended links on grading exams from last December.
  2. The Power of Educational Technology comes to us from Liz Davis an instructional technology specialist in Wellesley, MA. In addition to her blogging she has produced a number of useful screencasts that show you how to use tools like Flock and Google Reader which she has posted at her YouTube channel. You can also follow her on Twitter here.
  3. Thomas P.M. Barnett :: Weblog comes to us from, yeah you guessed it, Thomas P.M. Barnett (that wasn't hard to figure out was it). This is not an educational blog, but it maybe an interesting resource for current events, political science, world events and other such courses of study. His book, The Pentagon's New Map, lays out a different different direction for the US and the Pentagon in the post-Cold War, post-9/11 world. If you have 25 minutes you might want to start with his TEDtalks presentation from February 2005.

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lgrt said...

Try adding a Twitter Feed. It will automatically let all your twitter followers know when your blog is updated.

One more auto-magic spam-o-matic tool to get your message out.

lgrt said...

but you have to put out a message... I'm jonesing for some Advisory Bored.

Corey Smith said...

You must understand that each blog is handcrafted and I will post no blog before it's .... okay, budgets and work have been driving me crazy. But tonight is the night for at least one new post.